Historic front doors – do they meet our requirements?



Old front doors have always been a testament to the art of the ancient craftsmen, who, unlike today, could devote themselves entirely to crafting a single front door for a specific home. Often elaborately made, the doors fully met the thermal insulation and safety requirements of the time. Most of the houses were built more or less open to diffusion, the windows weren’t closed as they are now, and burglaries weren’t as common either – someone was usually there.

Today, many people don’t want to give up their well-preserved, old front door so easily. However, in terms of safety, there are always two weaknesses: the refills themselves and the locking mechanism.

Some “historic building materials” dealers and carpenters have specialized in refurbishing old front doors and restoring them to meet current thermal insulation and anti-burglary requirements. All work on the door is done in traditional handicraft. The result is what every owner of a beautiful door would like to have: a door that reflects the charm of yesteryear, equipped with modern security technology. You can also renovate doors for new construction – highly insulated – and passive houses, provided the requirements are met.

Old modernized front door in a small town

On request, the dealers and professionals also offer the installation. If you just need some spare parts such as historic glasses, stained glass, stained glass, matte finishes and etched glass, you’ve come to the right place.
In terms of price, the restoration of a front door, adapted to current energy and safety standards, is not a bargain!
The fact is, however, that a handmade, carefully refurbished door, which is also equipped with modern security technology, is hardly inferior to a new front door.
But if you really don’t want an old front door, but want to make a door in the traditional way, you would do well to consult a carpenter you trust or look around on the Internet.



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